From Our CEO: Simpson Strong-Tie — A Strong Culture

Mike Olosky is the Chief Executive Officer at Simpson Strong-Tie as of January 1, 2023. Before that, Mike served for two years as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. In what follows, he discusses some of the characteristics that define the  Simpson Strong-Tie culture and make it stand out.

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Introducing the Makers of Simpson Strong-Tie: Territory Sales Manager Emily Holtshouser

Simpson Strong-Tie is proud to recognize and celebrate International Women’s Month. In honor of this month, we would like to acknowledge the achievements of one of our outstanding salespeople, Emily Holtshouser.

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Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam Ringing in the New Year

Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam was excited to ring in the New Year together by putting on a pageant- themed costume competition and talent show showcasing our international branches. This event attracted a large audience from the growing Viet Nam branch. People dressed up in pairs for the costume portion of the show and later performed for the talent portion. This day was filled with fun, excitement and a variety of activities. 

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What Does Relentless Customer Focus Mean? An Inside Sales Manager’s Perspective

One of our nine company values is Relentless Customer Focus. Our founder Barclay Simpson said “No matter what your position in the company, it’s vital that you keep the customers and users in mind whether you have direct contact or not. What do they need from you? How can you improve their lives?” Matt Anderson, our Inside Sales Manager at our McKinney, Texas branch, has been living that value for nearly 20 years. We asked Matt to share his career journey with Simpson Strong-Tie and explain what “relentless customer focus” means to him. Continue reading “What Does Relentless Customer Focus Mean? An Inside Sales Manager’s Perspective”

Discussing Simpson Strong-Tie Work Culture on the TED WorkLife Podcast

Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist and bestselling author, recently featured Simpson Strong-Tie Vice President of Engineering Annie Kao on his TED original podcast WorkLife. Adam and Annie were joined by Berkeley Haas Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jenny Chatman (full disclosure, she’s a member of Simpson Manufacturing’s Board of Directors) to discuss “The 4 Deadly Sins of Work Culture.”  Continue reading “Discussing Simpson Strong-Tie Work Culture on the TED WorkLife Podcast”

The Simpson Strong-Tie 12 Days of Ornaments 

At the Simpson Strong-Tie branch in McKinney, Texas, Inside Sales Supervisor Rebecca Heckel shares a longstanding tradition of an Ornament Decorating contest that takes place every year. This year was no exception.  

We’re not sure how far back the McKinney Branch Ornament Decorating contest goes — definitely as far back as 2008. We have pictures from ’08 that document the ingenuity and creativity of our Simpson Strong-Tie employees. The year 2021 upheld the tradition.  Continue reading “The Simpson Strong-Tie 12 Days of Ornaments “

Honoring Our Veterans

This Veterans Day, we’re paying tribute to our veterans and military families. We wanted to highlight the dedicated service members who have served or are serving our country. Their contributions have ensured our freedom and continue to protect our country. We are proud to celebrate these employees, recognize their contributions and thank them for their service.   Continue reading “Honoring Our Veterans”

The Forgotten Talent Acquisition Tool — The Internal Candidate

Finding the right talent has never been more difficult, in my memory. It seems companies are clamoring for rock stars and unicorns and doing whatever they can to find and attract them. Salaries are on the rise, but so is turnover. With every valued employee that leaves for a new opportunity, the workload grows for depleted departments and internal recruiting teams. It’s a cycle that’s accelerated by making poor leadership hires or encouraging a candidate exclusion approach where only the most perfect choice will do.
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Leadership in Giving Back

“Give Back” is one of our nine Company Values established by our founder, Barc Simpson. He said, “No matter what each of our personal situations is, we know that there are many others in this world who will never have the opportunities we’ve had. It is our responsibility to reach out, in whatever manner we can, to support others. We’re all connected in some way and are all part of a greater community. It’s important to make what impact you can. . . . Look for small ways to give back every day. Help out your neighbor, make time for others, do what you can.”

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