Tiny House. Big Hearts.

Carondelet high school student, Ellie Scheberies shares her experience on how 30 courageous female high school students with zero construction experience built a beautiful tiny home for local farmworkers.

Two semesters, three times a week, plus weekend build days have all led up to the final ribbon-cutting ceremony of our tiny home. From ground to finish, we have planned, designed, and worked to produce the structure that will soon provide a shelter for a local farmworker coordinated through a local organization, Hijas Del Campo. Every mistake and every success have helped us learn and grow into what we’ve become. We are, as our teachers have named us, Women of (literal) Steel

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History of the Timber-Strong Design Build Competition 

In this article, Angel Leon, Simpson Strong-Tie Training Specialist/Outreach Coordinator and cofounder of Timber-Strong,  discusses the creation of this ASCE design build competition, what it teaches architecture and structural engineering students, and how the program will grow in the future. 

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A New Foundation for America’s Roads and Highways

Simpson Strong-Tie has been committed to helping people design and build safer, stronger structures for more than 65 years. Now we’re advancing our mission even further — to help build safer and stronger roads, highways, airport runways and other paved surfaces in North America and around the world.

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Strong-Wall® Shearwalls Featured in An Art Exhibit 

Back in August 2019, Los Angeles and Berlin-based artist Tekena Koko staged an exhibition at his Los Angeles studio showcasing an installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Strong –Wall shearwalls.  

The art exhibition was called Highly Value Engineered (HVE) and included several of our Steel Strong-Wall Shearwalls®, along with a stack of connectors.  

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A Collaborative Simpson Strong-Tie ADU Build  

Utah Territory Manager, Jared Weston worked on a very special build to help a family in need by collaborating with the University of Utah’s Architecture students.

The Design+Build Salt Lake program at the University of Utah’s School of Architecture is a new collaboration and immersive experience developed by architect and associate professor Jörg Rügemer. Through the program, students develop, design and construct affordable, energy-efficient and resilient residential buildings from first sketch to final construction. The program serves communities around Salt Lake City and along the Wasatch Front.  Continue reading “A Collaborative Simpson Strong-Tie ADU Build  “

Tiny House Living : A DIYer’s Dream Come True

Simpson Strong-Tie marketing copywriter Sean Krainert made the decision to go tiny after realizing it fit with his minimalist lifestyle. Discover more about the tiny house movement and take a tour of his tiny house.

The phrase “tiny house” used to be a niche topic for discussion. Today, it has become the topic of conversation. With many binge-worthy reality shows balanced by documentaries that explore the physical and mental benefits of minimalistic living, this trend is gaining serious mainstream momentum, especially in the DIY community.

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Extreme Environments and Shipping Traffic Batter Aging Marine Infrastructure, Necessitating Flexible Repair Solutions

Pounding waves. Ship collisions. Saltwater corrosion. Freeze and thaw cycles. Storm damage. From coast to coast, the nation’s wharves, sea walls, docks, and piers take an annual beating from sun, sand, wind, and surf, not to mention the wear and tear from supporting maritime and recreational boaters. Sure, they’re built tough, but extreme conditions put these structures in need of regular repair and restoration.  

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Builder Solutions Webinar Series: Anchors, Curved Framing, Coiled Straps, Fasteners and Prescriptive Framing

Do you want to learn how Simpson Strong-Tie is creating builder solutions to help get houses on the market faster?  

Since many of us are relying more on online solutions, we’ve developed a builder webinar series highlighting new innovative product solutions that reduce labor time and help decrease the opportunity for misinstallations, while meeting code requirements.  

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How CLT and Mass Timber Technologies May Revolutionize Skyscapes

Over the last decade — in outlets reaching from construction industry journals to the Boston Globe and the Economist; from CNN and Fast Company to Popular Mechanics; to Nautilus and TED talks — we’ve been hearing increasingly about mass timber and related phenomena: “CLT,” big wood, tall wood, tall timber, timber towers, ply-rises, plyscrapers, ply in the sky, super-ply, Brobdingnagian boards, and all manner of engineered arboreal futures.

So what’s the huge deal about mass timber? What on earth’s so good about wood? Is CLT the new CBD (for builders, that is)? Can ply really get that high? Is this just a big buncha buzz, or is something more solid behind it?

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Getting Big Payback from Brick or Stone Veneer Remodeling Projects

Homeowners seeking the best bang for their buck on home improvement projects typically turn to swanky kitchen or bath upgrades involving high-end appliances or granite countertops. But the latest cost-versus-value report by Remodeling magazine finds that the addition of masonry veneer siding delivers a much higher return on investment.
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