Simplicity in Strength: The Power of Concealed Structural Hardware

Henry Ryals, owner and founder of Ryals Design Build, LLC, used our concealed connectors to construct a pergola, offering his clients an ideal outdoor space. The connectors delivered a traditional look while minimizing exposed fasteners. Explore the use of concealed beam hangers and unravel the details of the project’s successful outcome. 

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New Year, New Projects

Discover the versatility of our Simpson Strong-Tie products as they find application in a diverse range of projects, spanning from DIY endeavors to professional-level creations. Whether you’re exploring the simplicity of a Plinko game or the intricacies of a sophisticated golf course, our products offer endless possibilities. Take inspiration from this varied assortment and unleash your creativity by showcasing how you uniquely incorporate our products into your own projects. Let the innovation begin! 

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Adding Privacy to a New Paver Patio: Rogue Engineer’s DIY Outdoor Transformation

We worked with DIYer Jamison Rantz aka Rogue Engineer, who recently transformed his barn area with a fresh paver patio. Faced with an unsightly AC unit nearby, he turned to our Simpson Strong-Tie E-Z Spike™ to help build his DIY privacy fence solution. These spikes eliminate the need for digging or concrete pouring. What follows is his description of the build  

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A Labor of Love: DIY a Kid-Friendly Swing Set on a Budget

Simpson Strong-Tie senior field engineer Nehal Patel decided recently to create a customized swing set for his child and their friends, with a focus on durability. Instead of hiring someone, he preferred to DIY the project so he could manage costs and allow for personalization. Throughout the construction, Nehal used Simpson Strong-Tie’s black powder-coated Outdoor Accents® connectors and fasteners, contributing both strength and style to the final product. Discover the details of his project and its outcome.

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How E-Z Spike™ Created a Safe Perimeter for Rogue Engineer’s Chickens

Simpson Strong-Tie collaborated with Jamison Rantz, aka Rogue Engineer, on a chicken coop upgrade project. Originally, Jamison’s coop had used cheap fencing to contain the chickens while allowing them to roam. Over time, the deteriorating fencing prompted him to give it a makeover. He successfully constructed a new, easy-to-build DIY custom garden fence that securely holds the chickens and complements the coops aesthetic. Learn how Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners played a crucial role in the project’s quick construction process. 

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From Playset to Paradise: A Northern California Backyard Makeover

Brian Magstadt, Chief Financial Officer of Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc., the publicly traded parent company of Simpson Strong-Tie, for over 19 years, shares the remarkable transformation of his backyard. Originally a space cherished by his young children, it featured a sizable play structure. As their children grew, Brian and his wife, Vicki, replaced the play structure with an inviting pavilion, perfect for hosting gatherings with loved ones. With the assistance of Simpson Strong-Tie® concealed connectors and Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware, they effortlessly converted their backyard into a captivating entertainment space. Delve into their inspiring outdoor renovation journey, uncovering the intricate details of the process that ultimately created this welcoming outdoor oasis. 

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DIY Covered Daybed Swing with Fletcher Creek Cottage

Lounge away in a covered daybed swing built with our Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware. This project was carried out in partnership with DIYer Dena of Fletcher Creek Cottage. Her new daybed is an ideal spot for reading, napping or simply savoring the pleasant weather. This outdoor structure offers year-round enjoyment and is the perfect addition to her homestead. Learn more about the details behind Dena’s build and the elements that went into bringing it to life, from the lumber and hardware choices to the step-by-step process. 

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A Workbench Build with The Awesome Orange

Are you looking to enhance your garage or workspace? We’ve collaborated with Sadie Mae John, aka The Awesome Orange, to bring you a practical workbench design. This sturdy workbench offers additional workspace and convenient tool access. Follow Sadie’s instructions and utilize our connectors to create a customizable workbench that fits your space perfectly. Ideal for DIYers, enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a well-organized garage. 

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DIY Projects for Furnishing Your Apartment or College Dorm Room

Furnishing a new place can get expensive. Whether it’s your first year in college or you just moved into an empty apartment, we have a variety of DIY plans that can help you furnish your place on a budget.  

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DIY Mini Whiteboard for Back to School

This free project plan offers easy, step-by-step instructions for building your very own mini whiteboard. It’s a great project to do along with your students for the back-to-school season. 

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