Strength in Simplicity: Andrew Peterson’s Approach to Quality Carpentry

Andrew Peterson, owner of Quality Woodworks, specializes in carpentry and operates a fence-building company. Over the years, he’s relied on our Outdoor Accents® black powder-coated hardware to enhance the strength and beauty of his structures. Explore his commitment to providing quality workmanship that satisfies his clients. 

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DIY: How to Build a Porch Swing

This week’s blog post is written by our college interns in the Engineering Department. They were tasked with creating a DIY project that would be sturdy and durable, so they decided to create a DIY porch swing. Thank you to Paul Cabasag, Alex Wightman, Ian Kennedy, Sienna Palos, Daniel Noh and Toan Nguyen for this week’s post.

Nothing is more pleasant than relaxing outside with friends and family on a warm afternoon. But many of us don’t have enough reliable seating. Unfortunately, even my backyard is filled with rickety old chairs and benches that you hope won’t break every time you sit in them.

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