Making a Difference: Where Work and Giving Back Go Hand in Hand

Gerard Garza, a Commercial Territory Sales Representative at Simpson Strong-Tie, shares his 3-year journey with the company. From his background in sales to his current role, he values building customer relationships. Gerard and colleagues volunteered for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, reflecting Simpson’s core values of  giving back, and having fun. He appreciates Simpson’s culture and looks forward to more volunteering opportunities. 

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Social Impact at the Heart of Simpson Strong-Tie

“Having a heart” isn’t a term we use often when we talk about businesses. As with many other attributes we don’t associate with companies in general, Simpson Strong-Tie is an outlier in this regard. The company definitely has heart, exemplified most in Company Value No. 8 – Give Back.

“We’re all so fortunate. No matter what each of our personal situations is, we know that there are many others in this world who will never have the opportunities we’ve had. It is our responsibility to reach out, in whatever manner we can, to support others. We’re all connected in some way and are all part of a greater community,” declared company founder Barc Simpson.

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From Maui to the World: How We Gave Back in 2023

Annually, Simpson Strong-Tie observes “Do What You Can Day,” a day dedicated to employee participation in activities benefiting nonprofit organizations. This tradition is embodied in our eighth company value: Give Back. In 2023, branches nationwide joined forces to assemble disaster relief packages for survivors of the devastating Maui wildfires and initiated various endeavors to support their respective local communities. Discover the meaningful contributions made by our branches and the positive outcomes they achieved.

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From Science Lab to Construction Site: One Woman’s Career Journey at Simpson Strong-Tie

Tina Haro, Senior National Builder Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie, initially didn’t anticipate a career in sales but recognized the value of building relationships within her role. Her duties involve connecting Simpson Strong-Tie with builders, offering builders solutions and representing the company at industry events. As a recent recipient of the 2023 Top Women in Hardware & Building Supply Rising Stars Award, she is enthusiastic about her impact within the industry. 

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Spooktacular Community Giving: Simpson Strong-Tie’s Halloween Adventure

Simpson Strong-Tie celebrated this Halloween by combining fun, family and giving back. This year, Jade Spadoni and her family attended the event in our Pleasanton office, which included a fun Trunk or Treat event and incorporated a give-back activity that aligns with our values. This successful event left kids and parents with smiling faces. 

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How E-Z Spike™ Created a Safe Perimeter for Rogue Engineer’s Chickens

Simpson Strong-Tie collaborated with Jamison Rantz, aka Rogue Engineer, on a chicken coop upgrade project. Originally, Jamison’s coop had used cheap fencing to contain the chickens while allowing them to roam. Over time, the deteriorating fencing prompted him to give it a makeover. He successfully constructed a new, easy-to-build DIY custom garden fence that securely holds the chickens and complements the coops aesthetic. Learn how Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners played a crucial role in the project’s quick construction process. 

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To Retrofit or Not to Retrofit

Jennifer Price from Simpson Strong-Tie heads the National Webinar Program within the Training Department. During her 32-year tenure at Simpson, she has worked in various roles spanning Marketing, IT, Compliance, and, most recently, on the SAP Implementation project. Originally hailing from South Africa, she has made California her home since joining the company and resides in the charming town of Lafayette. Jennifer recently had her home retrofitted to withstand seismic earthquakes. Discover insights from a homeowner’s viewpoint on the process, expenses and advantages of seismic retrofitting. 

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Seismology and You: A Brief Overview of Some Major Earthquakes in Recent History

On the third Thursday of every October, organizations and companies worldwide participate in earthquake drills and other preparedness activities. These activities are part of the Great ShakeOut, an annual event founded after the Loma Prieta Earthquake on October 17, 1989. 

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New Timber Drive™ makes lighter work of heavy-duty structural screw fastening

Working hard is one thing. Working smart is another. With the new Timber Drive structural screw fastening system from Simpson Strong-Tie, field and manufacturing floor personnel have a more ergonomic and efficient way to perform repetitive fastening jobs with heavy-duty structural screws. It’s also faster. Timber Drive makes it possible to drive structural screws up to twice the speed of hand driving.  

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From Playset to Paradise: A Northern California Backyard Makeover

Brian Magstadt, Chief Financial Officer of Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc., the publicly traded parent company of Simpson Strong-Tie, for over 19 years, shares the remarkable transformation of his backyard. Originally a space cherished by his young children, it featured a sizable play structure. As their children grew, Brian and his wife, Vicki, replaced the play structure with an inviting pavilion, perfect for hosting gatherings with loved ones. With the assistance of Simpson Strong-Tie® concealed connectors and Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware, they effortlessly converted their backyard into a captivating entertainment space. Delve into their inspiring outdoor renovation journey, uncovering the intricate details of the process that ultimately created this welcoming outdoor oasis. 

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