Putting Our People First — How We Foster Employee Safety at the Simpson Strong-Tie McKinney Branch

In the following post, Adam Martin, the Simpson Strong-Tie Environmental Health and Safety Manager at McKinney, TX, delves into how his branch implements professional safety guidelines. 

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Bring Your Child to Work Day from Columbus, Ohio 

HR Coordinator Kayla Wells and her team hosted a Bring Your Child To Work Day event at our Columbus, Ohio branch. Read about the activities parents shared with their kids on this special day.

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History of the Timber-Strong Design Build Competition 

In this article, Angel Leon, Simpson Strong-Tie Training Specialist/Outreach Coordinator and cofounder of Timber-Strong,  discusses the creation of this ASCE design build competition, what it teaches architecture and structural engineering students, and how the program will grow in the future. 

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Everybody Matters: Safety Never Takes a Holiday

June is National Safety Month, but at Simpson Strong-Tie, safety never takes a day off. We’re at it all year, day in and day out. The motto of the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department is “Keep Us Strong,” and that’s exactly what we strive to do. At Simpson Strong-Tie, safety comes first. One of Barc’s Nine Principles of Business is “Everybody Matters,” and this is truly supported by our team’s dedication to the safety of our employees, as well as making products that build stronger, safer structures for our customers. 

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Construct a DIY Clothesline with Palo Woodcraft

As the weather warms up, a clothesline is a fantastic way to take advantage of the sunny days and be environmentally friendly when drying your clothes. Jenny Palo of Palo Woodcraft had a special request from her grandmother which inspired her latest build. See how she built her grandmother a clothesline with the help of our Simpson Strong-Tie hardware.  Continue reading “Construct a DIY Clothesline with Palo Woodcraft”

A DIY Weekend Warrior Builds a Deck

Simpson Strong-Tie Dealer Sales Representative Andrew Slezak spent his weekends for the past five months working on building the deck of his dreams using our Simpson Strong-Tie hardware. Learn what went into his DIY deck build and how he can’t wait to spend more time outdoors this summer.   Continue reading “A DIY Weekend Warrior Builds a Deck”

Simpson Étouffée: Building Back Stronger After Hurricane Ida

Right beside my computer sits my favorite children’s book, Stone Soup, a classic tale of isolated and lonely villagers who come out of their dark homes to work together around a huge iron pot to create a delicious soup that everyone can share and enjoy. Ultimately it describes a journey to discover what makes people happy. The story has been retold around the world for generations with various elements adapted to reflect local cultures and traditions. I get emotional every time I read it because the longing for deeper connections is so firmly embedded within all of us that I can’t help but get swept up in its heartfelt message. I also believe this longing is the source of our company value No. 8, Give Back, and why the value of contributing to our communities is so important for many employees at Simpson Strong-Tie. 
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Expanding Our Outdoor Accents® Decorative Hardware

It started with a simple question: How can we bring our commitment to building safe, strong structures to the our customers’ outdoor spaces? From that idea our Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware solution was born.

Outdoor Accents brings both elegance and structural strength to any project you might dream up for your backyard. We offer two distinct decorative hardware lines to fit the aesthetic of your outdoor living structure. Our Mission Collection® features connectors that add a hint of Southwestern flair, while our Avant Collection™ features connectors with straight edges and chamfered corners for a clean and timeless contemporary design.   Continue reading “Expanding Our Outdoor Accents® Decorative Hardware”

DIY: How to Build a Home for Your Pet

Your pet deserves the best! This project is the perfect blueprint for designing a home that will enhance your pet’s comfort and safety.  Whether they have fur, feathers or scales, the smallest members of your family can rest comfortably in this rock-solid pet enclosure.  Continue reading “DIY: How to Build a Home for Your Pet”

A Standing Innovation: Fastening Wood to Steel Just Got Easier

If you’ve ever spent a few hours working on your hands and knees to drill holes and drive screws, you know how time consuming and tedious it can be. Now, imagine spending consecutive weeks, months or even years fastening wood planks to steel on a manufacturing production line. For technicians who operate hand tools several hours each day, labor-intensive work often can be strenuous, inefficient and subject to ongoing concerns about quality and safety.

We’re all ready for a smarter way to get the job done.

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