Edge-Tie™ System Brings Adjustable, Bolted Cladding Connections to Steel Construction

Like our customers, Simpson Strong-Tie is always looking for innovative ways to design and build safer, stronger structures. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Edge-Tie system for curtain-wall and cladding connections in structural steel construction.

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The 2022 Simpson Strong-Tie Scholarship Student Trip 

Each year, Simpson Strong-Tie provides scholarships to students studying in the engineering field. Besides the scholarship, we also offer an all-expensespaid trip to the Bay Area to tour our lab, meet our engineers and do a bit of sightseeing. Training Coordinator Sam Marcoux discusses this year’s scholarship trip and reports from the students about their experience.  

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Simpson Strong-Tie Build with Habitat for Humanity MidOhio

Marshall Cunningham, Technical Support Representative at our branch in Columbus, Ohio, partnered with Habitat for Humanity MidOhio to coordinate a build week in January 2022 for thirty Simpson Strong-Tie employees. Together Simpson Strong-Tie, Habitat for Humanity MidOhio, and the Osman and Ali family dedicated a week to help build a new home for this wonderful family. With the help of many volunteers (and Simpson Strong-Tie connectors!), this dream home turned into a reality.   Continue reading “Simpson Strong-Tie Build with Habitat for Humanity MidOhio”

A 20-Year Workweek

At Simpson Strong-Tie, we believe that Everybody Matters, no matter your role, and we treat coworkers like family. So it’s not uncommon for employees to stay with the company for years or even decades. In this article, a 20-year veteran, Sam Marcoux, reflects on his Simpson Strong-Tie journey so far.  

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DIY Pool Lounge Chairs with The Awesome Orange

What better way to enjoy the summer than by lounging poolside? Sadie Mae John, aka The Awesome Orange, upgraded her backyard with a floating deck and furnished it with these DIY pool loungers using  Deck-Drive™ DSV Wood screws.  

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Free Backyard Planning Software for Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space

Research shows that remodeling and outdoor living projects are on the rise as homeowners feel more confident investing in their primary residence. Since many people view the outdoors as an extension of their living space, Simpson Strong-Tie offers free backyard planning software to help them design their dream backyard.

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Making a Career in Sales — One Woman’s Experience

Erin Nichols is a proud member of the sales team here at Simpson Strong-Tie. She shares the story of how her career journey unfolded and how she encourages other women in sales to follow this career path, too.

I am a new Dealer Sales Representative, Residential, in the Central Florida market. I previously worked selling building materials, mostly masonry products, and it was there I learned about Simpson Strong-Tie products when I began selling connectors to some of my customers. Prior to that I was selling commercial landscape products. I’ve had some wonderful experiences and am happy that they’ve led me where I am today.  I’m a single mom of twin boys who keep me on my toes. I enjoy time with my family and friends, exercising and being outside especially beach time with my paddleboard.

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DIY A Simple Bedframe with Joana Bianchi

Building a bedframe might be easier than you think! DIY influencer Joana Bianchi upgraded her bedroom by building her own bedframe with the help of our Simpson Strong-Tie connectors. This classic and sturdy bedframe helps refresh any bedroom without breaking the bank. 

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Tiny House. Big Hearts.

Carondelet high school student, Ellie Scheberies shares her experience on how 30 courageous female high school students with zero construction experience built a beautiful tiny home for local farmworkers.

Two semesters, three times a week, plus weekend build days have all led up to the final ribbon-cutting ceremony of our tiny home. From ground to finish, we have planned, designed, and worked to produce the structure that will soon provide a shelter for a local farmworker coordinated through a local organization, Hijas Del Campo. Every mistake and every success have helped us learn and grow into what we’ve become. We are, as our teachers have named us, Women of (literal) Steel

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What Relentless Customer Focus Means to Our McKinney Inside Sales Team

At Simpson Strong-Tie we’re proud to be known for our relentless customer focus. In fact, it’s literally one of our nine company values.  We want to introduce you to some of the men and women who live that value daily.  Today we’re taking you to our McKinney, Texas branch to meet members of our Inside Sales team who oversee customer service. We’re happy to share their stories on what “Relentless Customer Service” means and their individual journeys at Simpson Strong-Tie.  

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