Why Homes in High-Wind Regions Need a Structural “Seat Belt”

On a mission to educate homeowners about high-wind retrofits. Like most lifelong residents of the Gulf Coast, Simpson Strong-Tie employee Cheryl Zafiris has a long personal history with hurricanes. Hers started right after she was born.  

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How Company Culture Inspires Employee Loyalty and Success

Hady Abboud, a Shipping/Receiving Supervisor at Simpson Strong-Tie, explores the significance of our eighth company value, “Giving Back”, and its impact on our company culture and values. He delves into how our culture empowers employees to thrive and develop by creating an environment that values and respects each individual.

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Introducing the Makers of Simpson Strong-Tie: Meet Production Supervisor Curtis

As we enter the new year, it’s time to embrace the excitement and potential of fresh ideas and new goals. Simpson Strong-Tie Production Supervisor Curtis McCarrell is a perfect example of this spirit, as he has faced challenges and obstacles in his life but has always found a way to overcome them. Curtis recently worked with our marketing team to share his inspiring weight-loss journey and how, with the help of his coworkers, he was able to achieve his goal of losing weight and improving his health for the people he loves.

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A 20-Year Workweek

At Simpson Strong-Tie, we believe that Everybody Matters, no matter your role, and we treat coworkers like family. So it’s not uncommon for employees to stay with the company for years or even decades. In this article, a 20-year veteran, Sam Marcoux, reflects on his Simpson Strong-Tie journey so far.  

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A Simpson Strong-Tie Navy Veteran’s Journey

Sheila Johnson is an IT Technical Project Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. For Veteran’s Day we’re proud to present her Navy story and how she arrived at  Simpson Strong-Tie.

Values, principles, pride, commitment, honor, courage, trust, family and friends, goals, respect, success, opportunities and fun. My life and Navy service share these words. Most of these also appear in Barclay Simpson’s nine principles of doing business.    Continue reading “A Simpson Strong-Tie Navy Veteran’s Journey”

Have Fun: A Lego Builder’s Strong-Tie Journey

One great way to fuel your creativity is with a good LEGO® set. Not only can they transport us to another world while we’re building with them, but they can unleash our imaginations and allow us to create a tangible art piece to admire for as long as we likeOne of our very talented inside sales representatives has taken our Simpson Strong-Tie Value #9, Have Fun, and Be Humble to heart with his Simpson Strong-Tie warehouse build.  Discover his creation below and learn in his own words about his Lego build and his growth with our company. 

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