From Our CEO: Simpson Strong-Tie — A Strong Culture

Mike Olosky is the Chief Executive Officer at Simpson Strong-Tie as of January 1, 2023. Before that, Mike served for two years as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. In what follows, he discusses some of the characteristics that define the  Simpson Strong-Tie culture and make it stand out.

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Introducing The Makers of Simpson Strong-Tie: Material Handler Sam Dean

No matter where you are or where you want to be, we have a place for you at Simpson Strong-Tie. Material handler Sam Dean found his perfect fit at our company and felt instantly at home. Prior to working with us, Sam felt uncertain about his career path. However, upon joining our team, he discovered numerous growth opportunities. Our founder, Barclay Simpson, instilled in our company the belief that we offer new hires more than just a job — we provide a path to a career that fosters happiness, personal growth and recognition for hard work. Our team members are encouraged to seek out positivity in everyday challenges and to understand how their work contributes to our company’s success.

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Introducing the Makers of Simpson Strong-Tie: Meet Production Supervisor Curtis

As we enter the new year, it’s time to embrace the excitement and potential of fresh ideas and new goals. Simpson Strong-Tie Production Supervisor Curtis McCarrell is a perfect example of this spirit, as he has faced challenges and obstacles in his life but has always found a way to overcome them. Curtis recently worked with our marketing team to share his inspiring weight-loss journey and how, with the help of his coworkers, he was able to achieve his goal of losing weight and improving his health for the people he loves.

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A 20-Year Workweek

At Simpson Strong-Tie, we believe that Everybody Matters, no matter your role, and we treat coworkers like family. So it’s not uncommon for employees to stay with the company for years or even decades. In this article, a 20-year veteran, Sam Marcoux, reflects on his Simpson Strong-Tie journey so far.  

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