AIMing Higher in Marketing: Celebrating Innovation and Impact at Simpson Strong-Tie

In 2023, the Simpson Strong-Tie Marketing Department introduced its inaugural Award for Impact in Marketing (AIM). This recognition recognizes team members’ exceptional creativity, innovation, and commitment to delivering outstanding results.  

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Employee Spotlight: Steve Zanco, Inside Sales Manager

What does it mean to be an Inside Sales Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie? Steve Zanco, Inside Sales Manager of our Riverside, California location, shares the story of his career and role. His 24-member team is a mix of Inside Sales Reps, Hardware Quote Reps, and Strategic Account Reps. They’re laser-focused on customers while processing orders, requests, and questions throughout the Southwest. 

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Tech Trek: What I Discovered During My IT Internship at Simpson Strong-Tie

This summer, Luca Disbrow, a graduate in data science, joined Simpson Strong-Tie for an IT internship. Shifting from academics to on-the-job IT, he contributed to our 24/7 IT help desk and gained hands-on problem-solving experience. Luca reflects on the close-knit community within the company, his learnings from diverse colleagues, and the impact he’s made. Explore his journey to uncover insights into his internship experience. 

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Love Where You Work — One Woman’s Career Journey at Simpson Strong-Tie

Finding a career that fits you can be challenging. Luckily, after landing a Dealer Sales Representative role at Simpson Strong-Tie, Halye Vance found the right fit. Halye discusses her journey with Simpson Strong-Tie, what motivates her in her career, and why she loves where she works. 

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How Everyone Matters: The New Employee Experience

Give a warm welcome to Darnell Clark — a brand-new Simpson Strong-Tie employee who recently joined our Columbus branch’s Human Resources team. In this post, he discusses his previous familiarity with our company and some of his adventures at our annual Global HR Summit. 

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A 20-Year Workweek

At Simpson Strong-Tie, we believe that Everybody Matters, no matter your role, and we treat coworkers like family. So it’s not uncommon for employees to stay with the company for years or even decades. In this article, a 20-year veteran, Sam Marcoux, reflects on his Simpson Strong-Tie journey so far.  

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What Relentless Customer Focus Means to Our McKinney Inside Sales Team

At Simpson Strong-Tie we’re proud to be known for our relentless customer focus. In fact, it’s literally one of our nine company values.  We want to introduce you to some of the men and women who live that value daily.  Today we’re taking you to our McKinney, Texas branch to meet members of our Inside Sales team who oversee customer service. We’re happy to share their stories on what “Relentless Customer Service” means and their individual journeys at Simpson Strong-Tie.  

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The Simpson Strong-Tie UK Van

Over the 2020 Christmas holiday, sales merchandiser Karl Warnett kept himself busy by fitting out his van with shelving and drawers for all his marketing needs. 

Last Christmas I decided to kit out and build drawers and shelves in the back of my Volkswagen Caddy van as I was fed up with the untidy way my van was looking. I didn’t want my mobile “office” to appear unprofessional to customers and end users when I was visiting their premises.  Continue reading “The Simpson Strong-Tie UK Van”

A Day of Giving, Year-Round Commitment

Like a surprising number of my teammates, I had no construction or manufacturing experience when I interviewed here. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of Simpson Strong-Tie before I was told their marketing department was looking for a copy editor. But after I read a little bit about the company on its website and talked to a few of the employees, I knew almost immediately I could be at home here.   Continue reading “A Day of Giving, Year-Round Commitment”

A Simpson Strong-Tie Navy Veteran’s Journey

Sheila Johnson is an IT Technical Project Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. For Veteran’s Day we’re proud to present her Navy story and how she arrived at  Simpson Strong-Tie.

Values, principles, pride, commitment, honor, courage, trust, family and friends, goals, respect, success, opportunities and fun. My life and Navy service share these words. Most of these also appear in Barclay Simpson’s nine principles of doing business.    Continue reading “A Simpson Strong-Tie Navy Veteran’s Journey”