Robots, STEM, and Community: Supporting Foothill Robotics Club’s Dreams

Richard Li, IT Technical Project Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie and a parent of a student involved with Foothill Robotics Club, recognized the potential for Simpson Strong-Tie to support the local community by sponsoring the club. Our commitment to giving back is a fundamental aspect of our core values. The club serves as an excellent gateway for students to delve into the world of STEM and engage in VEX robotic competitions. Learn how the team visited our Pleasanton, California office and even gave a demonstration of their robot. 

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Tech Trek: What I Discovered During My IT Internship at Simpson Strong-Tie

This summer, Luca Disbrow, a graduate in data science, joined Simpson Strong-Tie for an IT internship. Shifting from academics to on-the-job IT, he contributed to our 24/7 IT help desk and gained hands-on problem-solving experience. Luca reflects on the close-knit community within the company, his learnings from diverse colleagues, and the impact he’s made. Explore his journey to uncover insights into his internship experience. 

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Wheelchair Ramps Arise in Texas with Simpson Strong-Tie Hardware

The Wildwood United Methodist Church in Magnolia, Texas, reached out to our Technical Training Manager, Billy Viars, knowing that our hardware could help their efforts to build wheelchair ramps for people in need who were unable to afford them. Wildwood UMC volunteers have been building charitable ramps in Montgomery County since 2019, but the rising cost of lumber has strained their resources. Simpson Strong-Tie has stepped in to help by providing hardware for this cause. Hear from Robert Tonti, ramp program coordinator at Wildwood as he discusses the need for these wheelchair ramps. 

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Building a Home-Run Eagle Scout Project

One of Simpson Strong-Tie’s core company values is to “Give Back.” This value inspires us to support our communities and the people in them. We’ve often worked with Boy Scouts on their various outdoor projects, from building a pergola to constructing an outdoor informational kiosk. This time, we were  excited to contribute to another project when Boy Scout Max Coey had the idea to build a dugout for his local baseball field.  

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