Adding Privacy to a New Paver Patio: Rogue Engineer’s DIY Outdoor Transformation

We worked with DIYer Jamison Rantz aka Rogue Engineer, who recently transformed his barn area with a fresh paver patio. Faced with an unsightly AC unit nearby, he turned to our Simpson Strong-Tie E-Z Spike™ to help build his DIY privacy fence solution. These spikes eliminate the need for digging or concrete pouring. What follows is his description of the build  

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Gorgeous and Green Floral Designer Integrates Outdoor Accents® Hardware into Her Eco-Business

As an avowed environmentalist and minimalist,  Simpson Strong-Tie marketing copywriter Sean Krainert was excited to have the opportunity recently to visit in Oakland, California, where he met with owner and lead designer Pilar Zuniga. Built on a foundation of making beautiful things while factoring the health of the environment and community into every decision, her green business has flourished into a beacon for sustainable floral design.

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Expanding Our Outdoor Accents® Decorative Hardware

It started with a simple question: How can we bring our commitment to building safe, strong structures to the our customers’ outdoor spaces? From that idea our Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware solution was born.

Outdoor Accents brings both elegance and structural strength to any project you might dream up for your backyard. We offer two distinct decorative hardware lines to fit the aesthetic of your outdoor living structure. Our Mission Collection® features connectors that add a hint of Southwestern flair, while our Avant Collection™ features connectors with straight edges and chamfered corners for a clean and timeless contemporary design.   Continue reading “Expanding Our Outdoor Accents® Decorative Hardware”

DIY: How to Build a Simple Rolling Planter

Looking for a simple way to dress up your patio? Elisha Albretsen from Pneumatic Addict has teamed up with Simpson Strong-Tie to bring you this simple DIY rolling planter using Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware.

Spring and summer arrive quickly in central Arizona. Currently, we’re enjoying –70° temperatures while bragging to our East Coast friends, but in a couple of months the rest of the country will be the ones laughing. Triple digits are right around the corner, so that means I’ve got to take advantage of the nice weather while I can.

The Southwest has famously long growing seasons. So that means I get a head start on all my outdoor projects. I’m still so enthralled with the glass-topped outdoor table I built last year that I decided to build it a friend. I built a handy, rolling planter and was able to incorporate more of the gorgeous black hardware from the Simpson Strong-Tie® Outdoor Accents® line.
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