Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam Ringing in the New Year

Simpson Strong-tie Viet Nam's Year-End Festive Show

Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam was excited to ring in the New Year together by putting on a pageant- themed costume competition and talent show showcasing our international branches. This event attracted a large audience from the growing Viet Nam branch. People dressed up in pairs for the costume portion of the show and later performed for the talent portion. This day was filled with fun, excitement and a variety of activities. 

The year-end party is one of the biggest events of the year for Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam. After two years of waiting, due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, we finally had the opportunity to attend a year-end party together. This year’s theme was “Mr. & Miss Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam. 

Simpson Strong-tie Viet Nam Year End Party Stage
Simpson Strong-tie Viet Nam Year End Party Stage

With this theme, each division nominated a couple representing a country that is home to some of Simpson Strong-Tie’s factories, offices, warehouses, or product distribution to participate in the competition. The six countries that were represented are Vietnam (Division 3), the US (Division 5), Japan (Division 2), China (Division 1), Scotland (Division 4), and Spain (Back Office). 

Simpson Strong-tie Viet Nam's National costume competition
Simpson Strong-tie Viet Nam’s National costume competition

The contest had two main rounds: National Costume and Talent. Only the top three couples after two main rounds competed in the question-and-answer portion that determined the final result. The results were calculated by the scores received not only from the supervisory board but also from the audience. After nearly four hours of extremely difficult and attractive competition, the pairs had very close scores. Although only three couples won the prize, the remaining couples also performed very well in their competition. The final results were as follows: 

  • Division 3, representing the country of Vietnam, took the top place of Mr. & Miss Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam contest 
  • The 1st runner-up was Division 1, representing China 
  • The 2nd runner- up was Division 2, representing Japan 
Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam's Winners Stage
Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam’s Winners Stage

In addition, we also had other extra prizes: 

  • Mr. Popular Vote went to Dao Quoc Long ( Division 3, representing Vietnam) 
  • Miss Popular Vote went to Pham Thi Ngoc Suong (Division 1, representing China) & Duong Gia Han (Division 2, representing Japan) 
  • The best National Costume went to the couple with the traditional Japanese kimono from Division 2 
  • The best Talent went to Division 1’s traditional Chinese dance performance 

The event resulted in a standing ovation from the audience with many emotions. This event closed the year 2022 with precious milestones and happy moments. We expect to create many more good memories together in 2023.  

Happy New Year to all our coworkers and customers throughout the world! 

Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam 2023
Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam 2023


Author: Vy Nguyen

Senior Communications & Events Specialist at Simpson Strong-Tie's Viet Nam Branch