Outdoor Accents® Avant Collection™ — a New Look for Backyards

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One of the ways many homeowners increase the enjoyment (and monetary) value of their property is by adding a well-designed deck, pergola or other outdoor structure to their backyard. Whether it’s for entertaining or just chilling with a good read and a bracing beverage, a beautiful outdoor living space makes any backyard activity more desirable. Perhaps that’s why, in a 2017 survey, 25% of National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) remodelers reported adding a deck as one of their most common projects, and the figure was nearly identical for new home construction.

Outdoor Accents® Exterior Hardware — Structural Strength You’ve Got to See

To help meet this need, Simpson Strong-Tie in 2016 introduced the Outdoor Accents® line of decorative hardware designed especially for outdoor structures. Comprising a full line of connectors (steel brackets) and fasteners (screws) for virtually every structural connection, Outdoor Accents is hardware that’s meant to be seen. All Outdoor Accents parts feature a black powder-coat finish that draws the viewer’s eye to the connection, making the structural support a visible part of your architectural design.

While the black powder coat creates visual appeal, Outdoor Accents hardware is also fabricated to withstand harsh exterior elements. All parts feature ZMAX® G185 zinc-galvanized steel for corrosion resistance. And because they’re from Simpson Strong-Tie, you know they’ve been tested and load rated to meet stringent building codes for high-wind and seismic forces. The connectors are listed in IAPMO UES ER-280; the connector screw is listed in ICC-ES ESR-3046; and the hex-head washer and structural wood screw are listed together in IAPMO UES ER-192.

Along with style and strength, the Outdoor Accents line was engineered with user convenience in mind. Post bases, hangers and deck joist ties are sized to accommodate either nominal or rough sawn lumber, giving the designer great flexibility in creating custom outdoor structures. The sharp point of the connector screw enables fast starts, and its patented serrated threads reduce torque for streamlined driving. The structural screw likewise requires no predrilling; and when combined with the patented, load-rated Outdoor Accents hex-head washer, you get the decorative appearance of a bolt connection, but with installation as simple as driving a screw.

Strength That Won’t Go Out of Style — Decorative Hardware Goes Avant™

The original offering in the Outdoor Accents® ornamental hardware line is called the Mission Collection® because the “antique” feel of its right angles and pleasing curves evokes early 20th-century visual design — most specifically, Mission-style architecture, furniture and décor.

Jen Woodhouse Installs T-Strap
Jen Woodhouse installs the Outdoor Accent Avant Collection APVT T Strap

Now Simpson Strong-Tie offers a second hardware style — the Avant Collection™. “Avant” comes from the French word for front, and is pronounced “ah-VAUNT” (although you can say it any way you like; the load values are very constant, and forgiving of user accents). The word connotes advanced, avant-garde, leading, forward-looking, and we chose that name to represent the clean, modern lines of this new collection. All the Avant connector parts feature straight edges and chamfered corners for a timeless simplicity that complements nearly any plan. Added to the sizing variants of the hangers and joist ties, this universal elegance offers the homeowner or builder still greater design versatility.

Like the Mission Collection, the Avant line can be used indoors or out, but it’s designed and manufactured specifically for exterior applications, with ZMAX® galvanization for corrosion protection and black powder coating for eye-catching beauty.

Installed APVGP Gable Plate
Installed APVGP Gable Plate

Also unchanged from the Mission collection are the fasteners — fast-driving connector screws and the structural wood screw with its patented hex-head washer (screws and washers both sold separately). The stylish washer-and-screw combination is designed expressly to fasten Outdoor Accents connectors (be they Mission or Avant) and direct wood-to-wood connections. The Avant Collection wood connectors, like those of the Mission Collection — and like the washer-screw combination — are all load rated. When it comes to structural strength, Simpson Strong-Tie refuses to take chances; we test so you can trust.

Whether you choose the Mission Collection or the Avant Collection, you can expect the same final result — effortless style wed with rugged strength.

The Lineup

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Make the Outdoors More Yours

Are you or a client looking to create a backyard structure as attractive as it is strong? Simpson Strong-Tie has a raft of resources to help get you there. Whether you want to learn more about our Outdoor Accents® hardware offerings; to get software assistance designing a deck, pergola or similar outdoor haven; or to see our finished DIY projects (with building instructions) — you can do all this and more using our online Deck Center. And if you need technical assistance, just call (800) 999-5099.

Now go forth and beautify!