Strong Conversations: The Future of Women in Residential Construction

Strong Conversations Season One: Women in Construction
Episode Three: The Future of Women in Residential Construction

In this episode, we talk to three rising stars in their companies and the industry. We get to hear personal stories about how each of the guests entered the industry but, more importantly, what’s keeping them in the industry. We share tips on how to be successful when you’re just starting out and how to create your own career path. 

Host: Tina Haro – Director, National Accounts – National Builders (Simpson Strong-Tie)
Keaton Mower – National Accounts Manager, Westlake Royal Building Products
Kristin French – Director of Purchasing, Taylor Morrison
Justine Simmons – Director of Builder National Accounts, James Hardie Building Products 

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Women in Construction Series 

Welcome to our podcast on Women in Residential Construction hosted by Simpson Strong-Tie, a leading manufacturer and technology services company of engineered building products in the residential and commercial space. In this podcast we take a closer look at the women who make up the residential construction industry. We are going to have an open discussion about how we got here, what challenges us, motivates us and what makes us succeed. In each episode we will be joined by three guests to get their perspective on what it’s like to be in this field. We will talk about how women can effect change and create an environment where other women want to be a part of.