How To Build A DIY Linen Cabinet by Pneumatic Addict

DIY Linen Cabinet

For this week’s blog post, we’re looking back to January 2016 when we teamed up with Elisha Albretsen from Pneumatic Addict to bring you a DIY linen cabinet project and plans.  

I notice a lot of my friends start off each new year by organizing their homes. It’s a natural time to do it as holiday decorations are taken down and stored, and as space is needed for gifts that now need to be stowed. Like my friends, I also like to organize my home in January so I can start the new year with a clean slate.  

Whatever your reasons for organizing, the most essential thing you need is storage space. How do you create storage space in your home if you don’t have many closets or cabinets or if theyre already full? You can DIY it!   

This DIY linen cabinet project creates a helpful storage solution for anyone who has limited closet space or whose closets are filled with more important things, like shoes, in my case! It has shelves roomy enough to accommodate large linen items like towels, quilts and throw pillows. Elisha built this particular project in a printmaker’s style, which has a classic and rustic charm. Isn’t it just a beautiful piece?  

DIY printers cabinet linen closet building plans
DIY printers cabinet linen closet building plans

My favorite part of the project is this: 

Middle Faux Drawers from DIY Linen Closet Build
Middle Faux Drawers from DIY Linen Closet Build

This little drawer is so clever! Elisha mentions it as the perfect place for pillowcases and socks. I think it would also be a perfect place to store my extra hand towels. They just get lost on my linen shelf and somehow manage to get wedged by larger bath towels. With this DIY linen closet, now you have the perfect spot for little items just like that.  

Elisha used Simpson Strong-Tie A21 Angles and Wafer-Head Screws to complete this project.

Are you organizing your home too? What are you planning to build to kick off the new year? Let us know in the comments below.