Perfect Pergola Planned: Elements of an Achievable Pergola Plan

Lumber prices are continuing to return to Earth, making it possible to start dreaming once again about backyard projects. It’s the perfect time to take our new, easy-to-use Pergola Planner Software™ for a spin. Pergola Planner Software enables contractors or homeowners to design the perfect pergola in just a few minutes. Earlier this year we asked homeowners who might be considering a new backyard pergola to try out the software and send in their pergola designs.

We were surprised by the number of people thinking about building a pergola! To help us choose the winner, we enlisted the help of popular DIYer Jen Woodhouse. She reviewed plans with the Simpson Strong-Tie® Outdoor Living Solutions team. After some serious deliberation, they settled on this design by Heather Freese.

Heather Freese Pergola Planner Design Winner
Heather Fresse Pregola Planner Design

Freese said, “This program is phenomenal! I have been planning for years to attempt doing a pergola at the front and back of my house but have had no idea where to begin. This takes the hard work out of it and planning how much in materials to purchase. This design is my ultimate one that I would absolutely love at my house.”

Pergola PlannerSide View

Woodhouse said they ultimately decided on Freese’s plan because “she took full advantage of the design tools within the software and used the visualization tools to make it come alive!”

One of our many favorite features in the Pergola Planner Software is the ability it gives users to add various elements to help show what a fully decorated backyard might look like. Freese placed several of these visualization elements around her pergola, including planter benches, a grill, a picnic table and a variety of patio chairs.

Once a user has finished detailing their pergola in the software, they can produce the plan. The plan shows an easy-to-understand materials list, materials cut list, and dealer locations near the user’s zip code. We want to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to provide contractors with plans for their dream pergola or, if they’re feeling especially inspired, to build it themselves.

Congratulations to our first Pergola Planner Software design winner, Heather Freese! Plan your perfect pergola today!