Getting Big Payback from Brick or Stone Veneer Remodeling Projects

Homeowners seeking the best bang for their buck on home improvement projects typically turn to swanky kitchen or bath upgrades involving high-end appliances or granite countertops. But the latest cost-versus-value report by Remodeling magazine finds that the addition of masonry veneer siding delivers a much higher return on investment.

In fact, the cost of adding manufactured stone or brick veneer to a home pays off an average 94.9% on resale. Only the addition of new garage doors has a higher payoff when it comes to home remodeling projects (minor kitchen remodels come in third, followed by deck additions and traditional siding replacement jobs).

Aesthetics are a big reason why consumers are turning to veneers, which offer the look of stone or brick without the weight or the specialized masonry skills necessary for installation. Veneers are used widely for exterior cladding, foundation facings and chimneys and also provide enhanced sound mitigation and fire resistance with low maintenance and increased energy performance.

When installing veneer, builders typically include an airspace, or gap, of approximately 3″ between the veneer and the wall assembly to allow water to drain to the flashing and weeps and prevent moisture buildup that can lead to mold or rot. The use of breathable housewrap can provide protection against water penetration, but can also increase the size of the gap between the veneer and the wall framing.

Attaching veneers across the growing airspace while meeting code and passing inspection can be challenging, and contractors have consequently been looking for structural products strong enough to make the needed connection.

To ensure that masons and contractors can effectively bridge the veneer gap, Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the new, high-performance BTH brick tie. This first-of-its-kind solution effectively connects brick and stone veneers to light-frame construction across spans up to 3″.

Fabricated from 22-gauge galvanized steel, the BTH brick tie is field-adjustable in two places and can be installed with either side facing up, offering contractors a strong and simple solution fitting varied jobsite conditions.

According to the Remodeling 2019 cost vs. value report, the average veneer project is chalking in at a cost of $8,907 with an impressive $8,449 payback on resale. With spending in remodeling expected to increase to over $350 billion this year, brick and stone veneer projects are sure to gain in popularity across the country. For those, the Simpson Strong-Tie® BTH brick tie offers contractors the versatility to complete large and small jobs alike with the structural integrity necessary to pass inspection while providing homeowners with curb appeal and building performance likely to net a solid premium on resell.