Edge-Tie™ System Brings Adjustable, Bolted Cladding Connections to Steel Construction

Edge-Tie Jobsite Photo

Like our customers, Simpson Strong-Tie is always looking for innovative ways to design and build safer, stronger structures. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Edge-Tie system for curtain-wall and cladding connections in structural steel construction.

As we continue to expand our portfolio of products and solutions for the structural steel industry, the Edge-Tie system provides an innovative solution to fabricators, erectors, engineers, building owners and contractors.

The new shape of cladding connections

The Edge-Tie™ system is designed with a unique, extruded steel beam shape and pour stop combination that provides higher strength than traditional bent plates. This revolutionary design utilizes Edge-Tie system T-bolts that give installers the ability to easily position and adjust anchors along a continuous channel. Field welding is eliminated, saving valuable time and labor costs during construction while, at the same time, enhancing safety and speeding up building enclosure.

Edge-Tie System Installed with Guard Rail System
Edge-Tie System Installed with Guard Rail System

Design and installation efficiencies

For engineers and fabricators, the Edge-Tie system simplifies anchor attachment planning. If small adjustments are needed during construction, which is a common occurrence, installers can easily reposition the bolted connection by sliding it into place along the steel channel. Stronger than bent plates, the Edge-Tie system allows increased cladding loads at a lower installed cost. It’s also easy to specify, because the Edge-Tie system fits any steel building with no height limitations.

Contractors who attach façades, such as glass or other building envelope exteriors, can hang clips faster than ever with the Edge-Tie system. Thanks to the bolted connection, installation time and effort are greatly reduced. In addition, the Edge-Tie system guardrail can be attached, without field welding, while the beam is being fabricated in the shop or at the jobsite. This guardrail provides fall protection, reduces tie-off occurrences, and can be reused on other projects.

Edge-Tie System for cladding connections

Building owners and operators will appreciate how the Edge-Tie system helps to reduce overall project schedules and labor costs while accelerating building enclosure. The sooner a commercial structure is finished, the more quickly it can be leased and occupied.

Your partner in steel construction

Simpson Strong-Tie has been a leading innovator and partner to the construction industry for more than 65 years. Working with us in steel construction, builders have direct access to products, technology, training and services that can help maximize efficiency and resiliency at every stage of the engineering and construction process.

Like our other solutions, the Edge-Tie system is rigorously tested, proven, and backed by expert technical and field support. We also provide a wide selection of software and web applications that help streamline design and detailing.

You can specify the Edge-Tie system for new build or retrofit projects by contacting your Simpson Strong-Tie representative. To learn more about the Edge-Tie system, visit go.strongtie.com/edgetiesystem or call (800) 999-5099.