A Standing Innovation: Fastening Wood to Steel Just Got Easier

If you’ve ever spent a few hours working on your hands and knees to drill holes and drive screws, you know how time consuming and tedious it can be. Now, imagine spending consecutive weeks, months or even years fastening wood planks to steel on a manufacturing production line. For technicians who operate hand tools several hours each day, labor-intensive work often can be strenuous, inefficient and subject to ongoing concerns about quality and safety.

We’re all ready for a smarter way to get the job done.

Introducing the Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® PROHSD Wood-to-Steel Fastening Solution

The engineers at Simpson Strong-Tie have developed a faster, more reliable, more ergonomic method for fastening wood to steel in many applications, such as truck beds and trailer floors. Introducing the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive PROHSD Wood-to-Steel solution.

The solution consists of the PROHSD60 tool (for fasteners up to 60 mm or 2 3/8″) or the PROHSD75 tool (for fasteners up to 75 mm or 3″), along with optional components that equip each tool for stand-up operation, plus two types of fasteners made for wood-to-steel applications:

  • Compact driver body for reduced weight and easy handling
  • PROHSD60M and PROHSD75M tools equipped with a unique, re-designed nosepiece for greater stability and more accurate driving (PROHSD60 and PROHSD75 tools equipped with the standard Quik Drive nosepiece)
  • Integrated footstep for applying additional pressure when driving through steel
  • Stand-up driving extension that relieves stress on knees, back and shoulders
  • 1,000 rpm to 2,000 rpm driver motor with Quik Drive adapter
  • Strong-Drive® TB Wood-to-Steel screws and Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screws with self-drilling points and self-tapping threads
The Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive PROHSD Wood-to-Steel solution is designed for stand-up use, so manufacturers can install collated strips of wood-to-steel screws faster, easier and more precisely.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and truck bed manufacturers, the Quik Drive PROHSD Wood-to-Steel solution offers improved efficiency and higher performance than traditional installation methods. For factory technicians, it’s a faster, more ergonomic way to work every day with greater accuracy — and less fatigue.

Standing up for ease and ergonomics.

Designed for stand-up use, the Quik Drive PROHSD Wood-to-Steel solution utilizes an extension, handle and footstep that attach to our Quik Drive PROHSD tools. Standing up allows installers to apply pressure on the footstep while driving fasteners through wood planks and the harder layer of steel underneath them.

For optimal accuracy, the Quik Drive PROHSD60M and PROHSD75M models come equipped with a unique nosepiece that makes it even easier to position and install each screw precisely.

Fasteners engineered for speed and strength.

The Strong-Drive TB Wood-to-Steel and Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screws are precision-engineered to install faster than traditional fasteners, without binding. With a self-driving tip and self-tapping threads, predrilling is no longer needed — saving valuable time. These screws also feature wings for boring through wood, and a flat head with nibs that provide pull-through resistance while easily countersinking into wood surfaces.

Strong-Drive® TF WOOD-TO-STEEL Screw Trailer Floor Installation

The thickness of the steel determines which fastener to use. Strong-Drive TB Wood-to-Steel screws are designed for steel up to ¼” thick. Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screws are engineered for thicker steel, up to 15/32″. The TB screw has a square drive, while the TF has a 6-lobe drive for easy, secure driving into heavier-gauge steel.

A more efficient and economical way to work.

Together, our Quik Drive PROHSD tools and Strong-Drive wood-to-steel fasteners deliver the ideal combination of speed, ease, accuracy and strength. While this solution can be used for any number of applications fastening wood to hot-rolled steel, it’s especially useful for OEMs and manufacturers of truck beds and trailer floors. Standing up while driving collated strips of wood-to-steel fasteners saves time and effort for installers, which can boost worker safety and satisfaction, efficiency, productivity and profitability.

To learn more about the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive PROHSD Wood-to-Steel fastening solution, visit strongtie.com/prohsd.