Introducing the Makers of Simpson Strong-Tie: Meet Production Planner Benjamin

Meet the Makers -Benjamin

Family is a great motivator for many, and that is certainly true for Benjamin Dotsey, a Production Planner at Simpson Strong-Tie. Originally from Ghana, Benjamin holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. With the goal of providing a better life and opportunities for his family and loved ones, he moved to the United States. Despite initial struggles finding the right job, he persevered and eventually found Simpson Strong-Tie, where he started out as a contractor stacking boxes. After six months, Benjamin’s hard work and patience were rewarded with a permanent position as a press operator in our Columbus warehouse.  

Benjamin feels that Simpson Strong-Tie has opportunities here if you want them. His own experience is strong evidence of this. , Benjamin’s perseverance and team spirit as a press operator led to the opportunity for a production planner role. His success serves as an example that if you believe in yourself and work towards your goals, you can succeed. As Benjamin says, “When there are open positions at Simpson Strong-Tie, they are open to everybody!” He ultimately got the job he wanted! 

Benjamin attributes much of his success to his father, who once told him that if you invest in your mind and education, no one can take that away from you. Benjamin has a strong background and experience, as well as talent, initiative and compassion — all qualities that are valued at Simpson Strong-Tie. Benjamin puts it well himself: “When you raise a building and the foundation is strong, that building will stand.” His family and loved ones are a strong foundation for him, which ultimately helped him be successful at Simpson Strong-Tie.   

At Simpson Strong-Tie, we believe that everyone can grow and succeed regardless of their current position or career aspirations. As Benjamin attests, at the company, “everybody is ready to help you succeed.” He does his best to pay this value forward bye promoting a family atmosphere within his branch. And he makes a point of encouraging his coworkers to believe in themselves, telling them, “If you are willing and qualified, you should apply for the job”. He wants them to know that if he can do it, so can they.  

We are grateful to have Benjamin as part of our team and appreciate his willingness to share his inspiring story with us.  

Meet the Makers

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