How to Build a DIY Wood Workbench in Under Two Hours

The first step to creating a serious home workshop — whether it’s in your shed, basement, or garage — is obtaining an affordable but sturdy workbench. Simpson Strong-Tie has more than 65 years of expertise developing connectors to build safe, strong homes, so imagine the result if you applied our connector solutions to your new workbench.

We’ve put together a handy workbench kit (WBSK) containing the wood connectors you need to assemble your workbench in two hours or less. Each kit comes with enough RTC2Z connectors and fasteners to construct a complete workbench.

We partnered with Jen Woodhouse to show how easy it is to put this workbench together. So she made a nifty video walking viewers through the steps it takes to assemble a workbench using the WBSK kit.

Keep an eye on Instagram over the next month. Jen’s challenged some of her favorite DIYers to build the Simpson Strong-Tie workbench and add their personal style to the finished project. Follow #strongtiediy, #wbskchallenge and our Instagram account @strongtie to learn more.

WBSK Workbench Hardware Kit Box
WBSK Workbench Hardware Kit Box

If you want to take the challenge yourself, you can find the Simpson Strong-Tie® WBSK at most home centers or online.