New ECB Elevated Column Base Ready for Multifamily Residential Construction

As part of an expanding portfolio of multifamily residential solutions, we’re excited to introduce the Simpson Strong-Tie® ECB elevated column base. The ECB makes it simple to add a waterproofing layer when installing solid sawn posts or hollow columns. It’s perfect for construction of stacked balconies in multifamily housing, or whenever a post is being used to support an awning or roof.   Continue reading “New ECB Elevated Column Base Ready for Multifamily Residential Construction”

What You Should Know About Cross-Laminated Timber Construction

Residences and low-rise commercial structures have been built using dimensional wood framing since the mid-19th century.

The first skyscraper ever built was erected with steel framing, however. The Home Insurance Building in Chicago was completed in 1885 and was 10 stories tall.
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Timber Strong Provides Real-World Engineering Experience

For the last three years, Simpson Strong-Tie has sponsored events at the Pacific Southwest Conference, a three-day competition promoted by the  American Society of Civil Engineers for civil engineering students. This year, 18  universities from Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii sent teams to Tempe, Arizona, for the competition, which was co-hosted April 12–14 by Arizona State and Northern Arizona Universities.

The students compete in numerous events over the three days, with the two main events being Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge builds sponsored by American Concrete Institute and American Institute of Steel Construction respectively. In the previous two years, Simpson sponsored Simpson Jeopardy and Timber Towers / Giant Jenga, but this year we were excited to sponsor the inaugural Timber Strong Design Build competition.
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