Building Safety Month: Strengthening Structures, Empowering Communities

Simpson Strong-Tie’s mission statement is “We provide solutions that help people design and build safer, stronger structures.” But safe structures require a team, from the building owner, building designer, builder, building regulator, building product manufacturer, and even the building occupants. Each member of that team has certain responsibilities to ensure the safest buildings possible.  

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Everybody Matters: Safety Never Takes a Holiday

June is National Safety Month, but at Simpson Strong-Tie, safety never takes a day off. We’re at it all year, day in and day out. The motto of the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department is “Keep Us Strong,” and that’s exactly what we strive to do. At Simpson Strong-Tie, safety comes first. One of Barc’s Nine Principles of Business is “Everybody Matters,” and this is truly supported by our team’s dedication to the safety of our employees, as well as making products that build stronger, safer structures for our customers. 

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