E-Z DIY Projects: Sprucing Up Your Home Has Never Been E-Z-er

Looking for an easy DIY project to knock out this summer? We’ve got some great ideas that can help you spruce up your home — from a little library or a birdhouse to a sturdy hose reel. One thing all these projects have in common is the fact that they use our E-Z products — the E-Z Spike™, E-Z Mender™, and E-Z Base™. These products were designed to help make it quick and easy for anyone to install or repair wood posts. You can also read more about each of these products and how to install them with our EZ flyer. Learn more below about how our E-Z products can help you build these any number of cool, simple DIY projects. 

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DIY: How to Build a Large Package Shelter

It’s the holiday season, so that means it’s package delivery season! Many reasons could impact your package delivery, including long driveways, dogs and weather. We’ve partnered with Rogue Engineer to come up with a solution for preserving your delivery person’s sanity while keeping packages safe from damage.
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