How To DIY A Nightstand By Rogue Engineer

We teamed up with Jamison Rantz from the Rogue Engineer to bring you a DIY nightstand and plans here.  

We love partnering with Jamison because his DIY projects are beautiful, well designed and always have the look of a polished vintage piece. In fact, we worked with Jamison previously to create an industrial style DIY coffee table. 

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How To Build a Sofa Bed with Joana Bianchi

This piece of furniture serves a dual purpose providing a comfortable place to sit during the day and an extra bed when entertaining overnight guests. DIYer Joana will take you through the Simpson Strong-Tie hardware she used and the process of building this sofa bed. Continue reading “How To Build a Sofa Bed with Joana Bianchi”

DIY A Simple Bedframe with Joana Bianchi

Building a bedframe might be easier than you think! DIY influencer Joana Bianchi upgraded her bedroom by building her own bedframe with the help of our Simpson Strong-Tie connectors. This classic and sturdy bedframe helps refresh any bedroom without breaking the bank. 

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