Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam End-of-Year Party 2023: LET’S GROOVE TOGETHER

Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam End-of-Year Party 2023: LET’S GROOVE TOGETHER

Hear from Vy Nguyen, Office & Branding Operations Team Lead, as she shares how Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam hosted a year-end gathering in 2023. The international branch, also referred to as Enterprise Services, was established in 2012 to offer No-Equal® engineering services encompassing structural and mechanical engineering, graphic design, and software solutions. The event allowed the team to unite, celebrate their achievements over the preceding year and recognize members’ dedication. 

The 13th of January 2024 marked a special occasion for Enterprise Services (SSTVN) as we held our annual year-end party to look back on 2023. This extraordinary gathering served as an opportunity for the entire Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam family to reflect on our remarkable journey throughout the year and celebrate the outstanding achievements accomplished collectively. With an impressive turnout of over 90% of our employees, nearly 500 individuals came together to revel in a night filled with excitement, pride and unforgettable memories.

Embracing a theme of “Let’s Groove Together,” the party transported us back to the iconic era of disco. The dazzling disco balls, captivating music and glamorous outfits created an electrifying atmosphere that set the stage for an indelible evening. 

Throughout the night, the Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam family enjoyed an array of pride, joy and exhilaration. The sense of pride stemmed from witnessing SSTVN’s remarkable growth and expansion over the years. The jubilation was evident as employees celebrated their individual achievements during the past year. The excitement came from captivating performances, engaging games and the pulsing beats of the DJ. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, cheers and dancing, truly reflecting the strong bond and camaraderie that characterizes the Simpson Strong-Tie Viet Nam family.

More than a mere gathering, the year-end party for 2023 was an expression of appreciation from the company’s leadership to the entire workforce. The event acknowledged employees’ unwavering dedication and hard work throughout the year, which played a pivotal role in driving the company’s success.

The Year-End Party 2023 was a fitting close to a remarkable year, while simultaneously infusing the team with renewed energy and enthusiasm for an equally successful journey ahead. 

Author: Vy Nguyen

Senior Communications & Events Specialist at Simpson Strong-Tie's Viet Nam Branch