New Timber Drive™ makes lighter work of heavy-duty structural screw fastening

Working hard is one thing. Working smart is another. With the new Timber Drive structural screw fastening system from Simpson Strong-Tie, field and manufacturing floor personnel have a more ergonomic and efficient way to perform repetitive fastening jobs with heavy-duty structural screws. It’s also faster. Timber Drive makes it possible to drive structural screws up to twice the speed of hand driving.  

Timber Drive can enhance productivity in “build, repair and replace” work on piers, docks, bridges, boardwalks and similar projects. 

Many outdoor areas with high foot traffic are constructed of large wood planks or timbers that, finished and functioning, often go unnoticed. What also go unseen are thousands of structural fasteners that securely attach and hold these wood members in place day after day, one season to another, year after year. “Building or repairing these structures can be labor intensive for the people who do this type of physical work every day,” said Andrew Brigham, Product Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. “Timber Drive, designed for stand-up operation, can help construction crews get the job done faster and much easier.”

Timber Drive has a precision placement nose piece that makes it easy to move from one hole to another when fastening straps and ties to mass timber.

Simple and easy to use from a standing position. 

Instead of the traditional method of working on hands and knees, installers operate Timber Drive while standing upright, giving them greater leverage and control. To use the tool, the installer drops one fastener at a time into a loading tube. Once the fastener drops into position, the installer positions the tool at the desired location, then engages the driver motor to drive the screw. If needed, a quick turn of the depth adjustment knob brings the countersink level to a consistent, flush finish.

Drive the Timber Drive™ Structural Screw Fastening System
Timber Drive is designed for stand-up operation, giving installers more leverage, ease and control than working on hands and knees. 

Fastening metal straps, ties and other connectors

In addition to driving structural screws directly into flat wood surfaces, Timber Drive can be used to fasten straps, ties and other connectors to wood substrates. The tool comes with a flat nose plate already attached for use on most wood fastening applications. For mass timber and similar jobs where a strap or tie is being attached to the wood, the installer simply removes the flat nose plate by hand, revealing a precision placement nose piece. This nose piece makes it easy to position the tool at each connector hole, so the installer can move from one hole to another, quickly and accurately, driving each screw with power and precision.

A variety of fasteners for versatile applications

Timber Drive installs Strong-Drive® exterior wood screws and Deck-Drive™ premium fasteners in a range of lengths, diameters and head styles. Hand-adjustable tool settings allow the user to quickly select the right screw length and diameter for each job — small (#10 – #12); medium (#14 – 0.315”) and large (up to 0.394”). Some of the most common fasteners include:  

Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber screw for heavy duty wood framing applications. 

Strong-Drive Structural Screws (Variety)
Installers can complete a wide range of heavy-duty fastening jobs with Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® and Deck-Drive™ structural screws. 

Another smart way to build productivity

As the latest addition to our entire line of fastening systems, Timber Drive makes it easier to perform repetitive, heavy-duty fastening work safely, quickly and accurately. Designed for stand-up operation, it offers improved ergonomics for everyday use without the strain of working on hands and knees. It attaches to many popular drill and driver motors that builders and contractors already own. Plus, like our other productivity tools, Quik Drive® and Quik Stik™, Timber Drive is backed by expert service and support, so your team can get more done in less time. 

To learn more about the Timber Drive structural screw fastening system, watch our video below or visit our website.